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Dr. Biyayaibe N. S. Bamba, H.c..

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Dr. Biyayaibe Bamba, HC.

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Dr. Bamba is an original thinker.Journalist Cherif Haidara calls him the only Mande Philosopher alive today. He is the creator of The African Winancko^krouse` Alphabet,The Founding President of The Mandingo Academy,Inc. and formator of "Mandekinhninkan(A new authentic Mande Dialect)aiming at removing French,English and Arabic vocabulary words from Modern Mande Language.He holds a Honoris Causa Doctorate From the World University Roundtable,Arizona,USA since 2002.
Dr. Bamba is also credited with many other original inventions such as "Kababe'ye'",The Theory of Metamorphosis",The Theory of equation between "Mande and Maat",The Theory of Implicit good Satan Dids" etc..etc..
Name: Dr. Biyayaibe Bamba, HC. <mandingoacademy@yahoo.com>

Location: United States

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